Anterior Segment

The anterior segment refers to the front-most region of the eye, and includes the cornea, iris, and lens. Typically, the phrase “anterior segment surgery” refers to surgery performed on the iris and lens (either natural lens, or synthetic intraocular lens placed during cataract surgery).

Many forms of pathology including inherited conditions or trauma can affect the iris or lens and require medical or surgical correction. In addition, some patients may have had a complication from a previous cataract surgery, requiring additional anterior segment surgery to improve visual outcomes. Even after uncomplicated surgery, some patients may experience blurry vision, visual distortions, or aberrations secondary to the intraocular lens placed in the eye, requiring a lens exchange to improve vision. 

The surgeons on our Cornea Service perform a wide range of anterior segment surgery, including cataract surgery (both standard and complex), intraocular lens exchange after previous cataract surgery, management of dislocated intraocular lenses, secondary intraocular lens placement, and iris repair or iris replacement.


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Types of Anterior Segment Procedures