Strabismus Center

The Wills Eye Strabismus Center is a center of excellence providing leadership in patient care, education, and innovative research.

Patients at the Wills Eye Center for Strabismus receive an unequalled level of care and responsive service with the highest quality of ophthalmic evaluation in a compassionate, patient-centered environment.

We are committed to providing comprehensive care for children 
and adults with strabismus, amblyopia, and nystagmus. Our highly trained and experienced pediatric ophthalmologists are known locally and nationally for treating the common as well as the most difficult and complex cases of strabismus.

Most of us are fortunate: our eyes begin to work together from very early infancy and continue to function correctly as a team throughout life. We are able to focus each eye on whatever we look at, regardless of the direction, and our brain combines the picture or image from each eye into the mental picture that allows us to see in three dimensions (3-D). For approximately two out of every 100 children, the eyes do not work as a team for a variety of reasons. Both eyes are not directed or focused at the same object. This condition is called strabismus. Other common terms are “lazy eye,” crossed eyes, “wall eye” or misaligned eyes.

Many adults also have strabismus, either since childhood or developed in adult life (for example, after injury or brain surgery). In addition to children, the Wills Eye Strabismus Center is especially interested in and experienced with strabismus and nystagmus in adults. No person is ever too old to have treatment for strabismus.

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