Diagnostic Testing Center

The Diagnostic Testing Center of Wills Eye Hospital assists physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease. Specialized fields of ophthalmic testing include cataract, cornea, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatrics, and retina.

Our technicians are highly trained; many are certified as COAs, COTs, CRAs, and OCT-Cs. We are also certified in numerous clinical studies helping to grant FDA approval for the latest ocular medications.  Our center works as a testing site with the largest manufacturers of ocular diagnostic equipment and software.  Since we see such a large volume of patients with a vast array of diagnoses, our feedback is invaluable for the future of ocular care. We receive referrals to our center not only locally in the Pennsylvania Tri-State region but also nationally and from around the globe.

We perform the following test procedures:

Visual Fields

  • Humphrey Visual Field
  • Ptosis Visual Field
  • Goldmann Visual Field
  • Esterman Visual Field

Learn more about Visual Fields

Optical Coherence Tomography

  • Heidelberg Spectralis
  • Zeiss Cirrus
  • Anterior and Posterior Segment OCT

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  • Fundus and optic nerve photography
  • Slit lamp photography
  • Gonio photography
  • Fundus autofluorescence
  • Multi-color Imaging

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  • IOL Master
  • A scan biometry with or without IOL calculations
  • B scan ultrasonography
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM)

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  • Electoretinogram (ERG)
  • Multifocal ERG (MfERG)
  • Visually evoked potential (VEP)
  • Electroocoulogram (EOG)

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Color Vision Testing

  • Farnsworth Munsell D-15
  • Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue
  • Color vision testing for employment

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Dark Adaptation Testing

Learn about Dark Adaptation Testing

If you have additional questions about the tests we perform, do not hesitate to contact us.

Clinic Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Wills Eye Diagnostic Testing Center
840 Walnut Street, Suite 1150
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: (215) 928-3406
Fax: (215) 928-3112

Director: Mary Fuska, Director of Telemedicine and Diagnostics