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Wills Eye specialists are dedicated
to providing world-class glaucoma
treatment and care.

Why Choose Wills Eye?

Wills Eye has one of the largest and foremost programs dedicated to glaucoma in the United States.
Founded in 1963 by renowned ophthalmologist George Spaeth, MD, the service provides personalized, high-quality care while engaged in numerous research efforts into the diagnosis and treatment of this leading cause of vision loss. Our doctors are also educators, dedicated to training the next generation of glaucoma specialists.
Patients from all walks of life and virtually all parts of the world come to the Glaucoma Service for consultation. From groundbreaking treatments enhanced through state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, our highly trained specialists have the skills and expertise to manage glaucoma, minimize its progression, and prevent blindness.

What is Glaucoma
Glaucoma Surgery

Signs and Symptoms

For most people with glaucoma, there are no warning signs or noticeable changes in vision until the disease has silently and gradually worsened to a severe stage. About half of those with glaucoma do not yet know they have it. This is why glaucoma is often called the “sneak thief of sight” and one of the main reasons why it is still one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.

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The primary way to treat glaucoma and prevent or slow the progression of vision loss is by decreasing eye pressure. Medications and/or eye drops can often achieve this; however, in some patients, glaucoma laser treatment or glaucoma surgery is needed to lower the eye pressure to a safer range. Recent studies show that many patients will be safer starting with laser treatment instead of eye drops, as this may reduce the risk of needing cataract or glaucoma surgery.