Residency Program Directors Message


Directors' Message

The Wills Eye Residency Program at Jefferson has been renowned worldwide since its establishment in 1839 for the standard of excellence it sets in ophthalmic education. Our mission is to train future leaders in the field and to foster world-class excellence in clinical care, research, and education. Training of residents takes place with lectures, practical sessions and a diverse didactic program.

The residency consists of rotations in all the various subspecialties, under the supervision of the attending staff. Residents also serve in the Consult Service at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

What Sets Wills Apart

  • The Wills Eye faculty, uniquely comprised of both full-time academic track and part-time private practitioners who are renowned clinician-scientists and educators, all contribute to ensuring your mastery of skills and competencies needed to build a future in any subspecialty of ophthalmology.Our esprit-de-corps culture encourages professional curiosity, inspires new ideas, and supports personal growth, career development, collaboration, and life-long learning.
  • Our diverse patient population and extensive referral networks around the world provide trainees with the experience and knowledge to treat not only routine, but also rare and complex diseases of the eye.
  • Our global initiatives, such as the Wills International Resident Experience (WIRE), enable trainees to acquire knowledge and skill across physical, cultural, and national boundaries as we strive to prevent blindness worldwide.
  • The Wills Eye Alumni Society supports education, research, and professional travel for our residents. After graduation, the Society promotes activities and networking opportunities to connect alumni through conferences, social events, newsletters, and more.

Tara A. Uhler, MD, Director of Resident Education
Christine A. Chung, MD, Assistant Director of Resident Education
Wills Eye Residency Program at Jeffersonf