MaryFrances, Point Pleasant, PA

“We thought the brown spot in our son Will’s eye was a piece of rust he had picked up while working on an old car. Our ophthalmologist wasn’t so sure and asked us to come back in a month for a follow-up. When we did, he told us that the spot had enlarged…and rust doesn’t grow. He referred us to Wills Eye Hospital, to the Oncology Service. As a parent, when you hear your child and cancer mentioned in the same sentence everything stops. I was terrified.”

Dr. Carol Shields, Chief, Wills Eye Oncology, diagnosed Primary Acquired Melanosis (PAM), a sleeper disease that typically wakes up in adults over 40. MaryFrancis’ son was 12 at the time. If this condition had not been successfully addressed, the possibility of it leading to eye cancer later in Will’s life was very real.

“I was comforted by the competence and confidence of the Wills Eye staff. We’re planning our son’s wedding. Life is good.”

Carol Shields, MD
Specialty: Ocular Oncology
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