Ken, Abington, PA

The colors are like…wow.

That was Ken’s reaction the day after cataract surgery. “Cataracts steal all that beauty. And it happens so gradually you don’t notice it. The last couple of years it seemed I was always getting new glasses. I thought that’s part of getting older. No it isn’t. It was the cataracts.”

A cataract is that rare link in the aging process that can be reversed with surgery. Ken also had astigmatisms in both eyes. Dr. Mark Blecher determined that he was a good candidate for an advanced (IOL) procedure that corrected both conditions, and would probably eliminate the need for glasses.

“Being an artists’ representative, color and clarity is my business. Thanks to Wills Eye and Dr. Blecher everything is brighter and cleaner. Dr. Blecher was also right about not needing glasses. I have 20/20 vision. I should’ve done this years ago.”