Joe, Levittown Pa

Joe’s story reads like an ophthalmic textbook: goniotomies, trabeculectomies, tube shunts, cornea transplant, cataracts, and drain blebs in both eyes---more than 40 surgeries in 40 years. His surgeons, Calhoun, Spaeth, Myers, Bailey and Hammersmith and are among the best who have ever practiced at Wills Eye.

“I was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at Wills Eye when I was ten months old. My left eye is legally blind at 20/400. I thank God for my parents and the doctors at Wills Eye for allowing me to be a regular child, to see the blackboard, to graduate high school and Temple University. Even though I’m only 40, due to the multiple procedures, my eyes are old beyond their years. Wearing glasses helps me live with my glaucoma. I’m finally able to take driving lessons.

“Wills Eye does a great job of communicating exactly what is happening every step of the way. That is vital. Knowing what to expect helps you deal with it. They’re the best”

Kristin M. Hammersmith, MD
Specialty: Cornea
Jonathan S. Myers, MD
Specialty: Glaucoma
Robert S. Bailey, Jr., MD
Specialty: Cataract, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Primary Eye Care
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