Peter, Airline Pilot

Wills Eye saved my vision and my career as an airline pilot

I am a captain for a major airline and was on a four day trip in July, 2017. On day three, I was walking through the Denver airport going to my next flight when I noticed a curtain starting to come across the vision in my right eye. I immediately knew I couldn’t pilot my next flight.  I had to get off the trip and ride back to my home base in New Jersey. When I got back home, the vision in my right eye was even more impaired.

My optometrist told me to go to Wills Eye Hospital.  I had never heard of Wills Eye, nor did I even know that there was such a special hospital just for eye surgery. I live 20 miles north of Philadelphia so my wife drove me in. My retina was almost completely detached at this point. The next day I had the surgery with Dr. Michael Klufas. It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Klufas and his team at Wills Eye saved my vision and my career as an airline pilot. It was a lengthy recovery but I was able to correct back to 20/20 vision in my right eye! As of this writing in April 2018, I am back piloting airliners.

I will most definitely recommend Wills Eye Hospital to anyone I know in need of the best eye care in the world.

Sincerely, Captain Peter 

Michael Klufas, MD
Specialty: Retina
Robert S. Bailey, Jr., MD
Specialty: Cataract, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Primary Eye Care
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