Dry Eye

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The Cornea Service of Wills Eye treats patients with disorders of the cornea such as dry eye. Conditions affecting the cornea can cause redness, pain and decreased vision. We are also involved in the latest refractive surgery procedures to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness. 



Dry Eye (also called dysfunctional tear syndrome and keratitis sicca) is a poorly functioning tear layer covering the cornea and conjunctiva, usually caused by inadequate quantity and/or quality of the tears.


Symptoms of dry eye syndrome are dryness, grittiness, burning sensation, blurred vision, fluctuating vision, redness, mucous discharge, contact lens intolerance and ironically, episodes of excess tearing. Many of these symptoms also can be caused by other ocular conditions, such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) and ocular allergies.


Treating patients when they have early signs or symptoms is the best way to prevent progression of the disease and permanent visual complications. A stepwise approach to treatment including tears with preservative, tears without preservatives, tear gels and ointments, cyclosporine drops, punctal plugs, short course of steroid drops, Lacriserts. More aggressive treatments include punctal occlusion with cautery, serum tears, scleral contact lens such as the PROSE lens, small lateral tarsorrhaphy (closure of the eyelids). Treat blepharitis if present.