What Is Academic Global Ophthalmology

Academic Global Ophthalmology (AGO) is an emerging field focused on transforming ophthalmic educational and research institutions into leaders in the elimination of the avoidable causes of blindness and visual impairment worldwide.

The critical demand for AGO is evidenced by the failure of the status quo to create adequate human resources, innovation, and systems for tackling the staggering eye care needs of the blind and visually impaired in the world. The governmental, non-governmental, national, regional, and supranational organizations working towards the improvement of eye health globally would all benefit from the systematic enlistment of educational institutions in their campaigns for better eye care.

AGO emphasizes training and human resource development, the creation of more sustainable systems of care, and the optimization of eye health interventions.

AGO provides an opportunity for firmly incorporating public and population health within our specialty; for stimulating academic institutions to create curriculum to train future leaders in the fight against blindness; and for incentivizing strategic collaboration with international organizations and industries that serve as vital intermediaries to the delivery of care.

AGO brings scientific rigor and a robust ethical framework to its interventions, elevating the work within this discipline to a level equal to that of any academic endeavor.

By its very title, AGO will become the brand to facilitate a more intelligent, efficient, effective, and accountable approach towards global eye care, from coordinated individual volunteerism to full-fledged institutional and governmental undertakings.