Immunization Form

May I send a copy of my own immunization certificates/form?
No. The hospital needs the Wills Immunization form completed and signed by your health provider.

What can I provide if I did not receive these vaccinations?
Your health care provider can document titers of your immunity on the form and provide copies of the titers (in English).

If I cannot get a completed, signed copy of the Wills Immunization form, may I still apply?
Your application will not be complete and thus will not be reviewed without this form.

The IGRA test is more difficult to obtain. Would a PPD be acceptable?
No. The PPD is no longer acceptable and IGRA documentation is required.

Candidates for International Scholar Program

I am not a physician. Can I still apply for the program?
No. Only physicians are candidates for this program. Non-physicians may be able to spend time in other capacities at Wills and are encouraged to contact the appropriate department.

I am a medical student interested in a clinical program, can I apply for the International Scholar Program?
No, you must already be a physician to participate in the International Scholar Program. We suggest you contact Medical Education for student clinical observation opportunities.

I am interested in a research experience at Wills, should I apply for the International Scholar Program?
No. You should contact either the Department of Research or the specific sub-specialty Service with which you are interested in doing research.

I am interested in a Fellowship (research or clinical) at Wills. Should I apply for the International Scholar Program?
No. You should contact the specific sub-specialty Service with which you are interested in working.

Availability of International Scholar Program

I would like to find if the dates I am interested in are available prior to submitting my application. Should I email these dates to you?
No. Available dates change rapidly and are not reserved in advance. If your application is approved, you may select from available dates. Dates are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Often, accepted Scholars are looking at dates 6-12 months in advance.

The only time I have available as an observer is in July and/or August, can I be an observer in one of those months?
In the summer months of July and August Wills Eye Hospital has new residents and fellows and our faculty is focused on this early time in their training. Additionally, the full compendium of educational opportunities, including lectures and weekend courses, are only available in during the academic year and would not offer you the optimal Wills Eye experience. To maximize your experiences as an observer while still meeting the needs of our patients, residents, and fellows, we do not take observers in July and August.

What is the deadline for an application?
Applications are accepted at any time. Please remember that it takes a minimum of one month for a completed application to be reviewed and that no dates will be reserved for applicants but are assigned to accepted International Scholars on a first come, first serve basis.

Waiting for Application Response

My application was submitted and I have not yet gotten a response if I have been accepted.
Please keep in mind that completed applications generally take at least one month to process, and may take longer if you wish to coordinate more than one month or more than one service.

In Good Standing

What does “in good standing” mean?
We need an electronic copy of a signed letter noting you are an active physician at your institution. If you are suspended or unable to be given a positive letter from your school, hospital, or practice affiliate you would not been seen to be in good standing.

ECFMG Certificate

I do not have an ECFMG certificate, can I complete my application without it?
Yes, if you have an ECFMG certificate please include it. However, it is not mandatory for your application.

Sending Application

Do I need to send physical copies of my application materials in the mail?
No, scanned copies of all signed documents and copies of word files are preferred.