Amsler Grid

Amsler Grid Chart Test

An Amsler grid is a checkered pattern with a central dot in the middle of the pattern. The grid is a self-monitoring tool that allows people to check their vision one eye at a time to monitor for blurring or distortion that may signify the conversion from dry to wet AMD. People with AMD progression may notice changes on the Amsler grid, and if this occurs, they should contact their ophthalmologist promptly.

The Amsler Grid Chart should be used to check the central part of your visual field, the area that can be damaged by Macular Degeneration.

Amsler Grid without Macular Degeneration
Ambler Grid a patient without Macular Degeneration
Amsler Grid with Macular Degeneration
Amsler Grid a patient with Macular Degeneration

Instructions for Use:

  1. View the chart (with your reading glasses on) at normal reading distance.
  2. Completely cover one eye and look at the central dot on the chart.
  3. Notice if there are any areas within the grid that appear gray (or black), or if there are any areas where the straight lines appear bent, crooked, or missing.
  4. Check the chart regularly (daily or weekly).
  5. Call your doctor if new changes occur.