Joe, Philadelphia, PA

I know what good healthcare looks like.

It was like a curtain closing on my eyesight. I went to the Wills Eye Emergency Room where they diagnosed a detached retina. I was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Allen Ho. He asked a great question: What was important to me about my vision? I told him that I was a voracious reader and book lover, and I insisted that he give me enough vision to read. He promised he would.

I was a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam, and a retired Radiologic Technologist assisting in cardiac catheterizations. I’ve been in thousands of ORs. I know doctors. I know what good healthcare looks like. Wills Eye is outstanding in both areas. They told me what could and could not be done. They are courteous, and take the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything. I always refer Wills Eye to anyone with eye issues.