President Trump is scheduled to be in Philadelphia on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at The National Constitution Center (NCC) in the Independence Mall area. Increased police presence is anticipated in Center City throughout Tuesday afternoon and evening. Please allow extra time if you are going to Wills Eye. Please be advised of area street closures to vehicles beginning at 1:00PM on Tuesday 9/15. Pedestrian access will also be limited in the area. This is subject to change and area restrictions, which could widen, will be lifted once the President departs the NCC. There are also demonstrations planned for Tuesday 9/15 around Independence Mall as well as City Avenue.

Eyelid Nevus

An eyelid nevus can be congenital (since birth) or acquired. The acquired nevus usually appears between the ages of five and 15 years, and remains relatively quiet for the remainder of the patient’s life. The eyelid nevus is painless and can be pigmented or nonpigmented, flat or elevated. Sometimes, there is a minimal (less than one percent) risk for nevus to grow into malignant melanoma so these lesions should be evaluated by an eye doctor. Management consists of cautious observation in many cases, versus complete surgical removal for more suspicious cases.