Academic Global Ophthalmology


This training initiative is aimed at creating a culturally aware, surgically skilled ophthalmologist equipped to provide skilled medical and surgical care in low resource settings, and to integrate those skills into a foreign healthcare system in a sustainable manner. Those who train in Academic Global Ophthalmology will join the small but growing network of ophthalmologists interested in creating an academic approach to addressing the gaps in medical and surgical eye care around the world.

The Academic Global Ophthalmology Fellowship is a 1 year commitment to working with Wills Eye Hospital in its initiative to deliver and elevate the quality of eye care worldwide. The fellow spends 6 non-contiguous months abroad (Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, Central America) and 6 months at Wills.

While abroad, the fellow's time is spent learning surgical techniques specific to developing world ophthalmology (ex. MSICS), teaching ophthalmologists and trainees, developing and strengthening ophthalmology residency programs abroad and implementing innovative Wills Eye programs aimed at the prevention of blindness. This fellowship offers the opportunity to deliver care in underserved regions under unique circumstances, and integrate into foreign healthcare systems with international peers.

While at Wills Eye, the fellow is an integral part of our resident teaching service, work with Wills faculty to refine their skills by continuing to see patients and perform surgery, works with local charity efforts in eye care, and spends time working on projects with our partners abroad. There is ample opportunity to conduct research while abroad or at Wills.

We accept applications for this position from residents in their final year of training, as well as subspecialty fellows interested in further diversifying their training to encompass this unique surgical and clinical skill set.

How to apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Wills Eye Academic Ophthalmology Fellow, please send a cover letter along with your CV and three letters of recommendation to Brad H. Feldman, MD, Director of the Wills Center for Academic Global Ophthalmology at

For more information, please contact Dr. Feldman or former AGO Fellow, Alessandra Intili, MD, at