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The Food, the Sounds, the Sights, the People.

Next stop: India.   At times chaotic.  Other times
extremely serene.  A land evolving so
fast, that the dichotomy between old and new can be seen at every corner.  An open mind is all you need to fall in love
with this place.  

My time in India was spent at LV Prasad Eye Institute in
Hyderabad, a global center for excellence in eye care.  I was here for two main reasons- to learn the
Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) from some of the world’s best surgeons, and to work with
their in-house Srujana Center for Innovation.

MSICS is a revolutionary cataract surgery used in many
countries around the developing world.
The benefits of this surgery are the limited equipment and funding
needed to provide a patient with surgical care.
The cost is a fraction of what we typically pay for surgery in the
developed world and outcomes have been shown to be similar.  Over the course of my 6 weeks at LV Prasad
Eye Institute, I had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most
talented surgeons, learning this MSICS technique and many other novel surgical
procedures to take along with me on my future journeys.  

Additionally, I spent my time working at Srujana Center for
Innovation.  This young enterprise pairs
the country’s most innovative eye surgeons with in-house engineers.  The goal is to design solutions to many of
the most pressing needs in eye care.
Despite the young age of this innovation center, they have already created
award winning solutions and are well on their way to revolutionizing the way we
practice eye care as we know it.  I
worked closely in the OR, research laboratory, and innovation center with two
doctors in particular.  Dr. Virender
Sangwan and Dr. Vipin Das took me under their wings and inspired me to think
big.  True renaissance men, their
interests are far-reaching and have impacted everything from translational
science to big data.  Their creativity
and determination have influenced me tremendously and I look forward to
continuing my work with them as they continue to shape the future landscape of

Stay tuned for details on the projects I worked on and to
see how they are changing the way the world will be practice eye care going