Telemedicine Department

As a world leader in eye care, Wills Eye Hospital is at the forefront of global efforts to eliminate preventable blindness. In the case of diabetes, at least half of all diabetic patients do not receive their recommended annual eye exams. These exams are essential in identifying eye changes early in the disease process when treatment is most effective. The Telemedicine Department offers patients easy access to eye screenings in convenient locations close to home, such as at pharmacies and at the office of your family physician or endocrinologist. Screenings do not replace the need for regular eye exams with your personal eye care doctor. If a screening identifies any changes in your eye, you will be encouraged to see your eye care doctor sooner than your next regular visit.

How Telemedicine Works

In 10 minutes, our highly-trained photographers will take a photograph of your eyes. The images will be transmitted electronically back to the Wills Eye Telemedicine Center, which is directed by world-renowned ophthalmologists on staff at the Wills Eye Hospital. Results are sent to your physician within 48 hours.

For more information about Wills Eye Telemedicine contact:

Shae Reber
(610) 955-5995