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Ocular Melanoma – A Rare Cancer in the News

Carol Shields CBS News
Carol Shields on CBS Evening News 5-3-18

Statement on Ocular Melanoma from Carol Shields, MD, Chief, Wills Eye Hospital Ocular Oncology Department.

“We first heard of a potential ‘Ocular Melanoma cancer cluster’ several years ago in North Carolina, but the state and CDC studied the situation and concluded that this was not likely a cluster. Several of the patients were treated by our team in Philadelphia and there was specific inquiry into environmental or genetic relationship which proved negative. Much of this cluster was attributed to rapid communication through social media.  

“Then the Auburn cluster was noted, but still there is no epidemiologic evidence of a true cluster and not all of the cases are validated. Again, some are a result of social media.

“However, the most curious part of this story is that many of these patients are fairly young women and men. Further investigation into this unusual situation is warranted.” - Carol L. Shields, MD Director, Wills Eye Hospital Ocular Oncology Service.

5 Quick Facts on Ocular Melanoma

From Wills Eye Hospital Ocular Oncology Service - the leading Eye Cancer Center in America

  1. Eye melanoma most often occurs in Caucasians at the prime of their life, around 30-60 years of age.
  2. Melanoma can occur in the eye and cause vision loss and blindness or it can be silent with no symptoms.
  3. What you eat, breath, smoke, drink, or do does not cause eye melanoma.
  4. Unlike skin melanoma, eye melanoma is not caused by sunlight exposure.

Other facts:

    • Skin melanoma does not increase your chance of getting eye melanoma.
    • Melanoma can be inherited from your parents in 2% of cases.  This is a condition called BAP-1 cancer predisposition syndrome.
    • Eye melanoma should be detected as early as possible.  We repeat - as early as possible.
    • Get your eyes checked every year with full dilation just to be sure there is no melanoma.
If you are worried that you might have eye melanoma or something that can lead to eye melanoma please contact