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Kibuye Hospital
Kibuye, Burundi

Next door to Rwanda lies a small country with a tumultuous history.  Unfortunately, this nation ranks consistently as one of the top 3 poorest countries in the world.  To make matters worse, a violent civil war spanning a decade, with ongoing intermittent violence has prevented the country from moving forward as other African nations have done.  Despite the challenges that Burundi faces, the country is blessed with groups of individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving the quality of life for the Burundi people.  One of these fascinating people is Wills Eye Hospital’s very own, John Cropsey, MD.  John was raised in a missionary family, spending most of his life until High School living in West Africa. He came to the USA for further education, but John always knew that he wanted to return to Africa one day to continue medical mission work.  After attending medical school at the University of Michigan, John was accepted to residency at the Wills Eye Hospital and obtained the prestigious title of co-chief resident during his senior year.  After graduation, he and his wife moved to Kenya to gain an understanding of sub-Saharan eye care under the tutelage of Ben Roberts, MD at Tenwek Hospital.  After two years, John set out to build his own eye center.  However, he was not alone.  Classmates from medical school had a similar passion to John and they set out on a group effort to improve the medical care and quality of life of the Burundi people.  There was even another addition from Wills Eye Hospital.  Darrell Baskin, an Air Force veteran and Wills Eye Hospital retina fellowship graduate has recently relocated his beautiful family to Burundi to join in the fight against reversible blindness.  I had the great privilege to visit John Cropsey, Darrell Baskin, and their families at Kibuye Hospital Eye Clinic in Burundi.