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Scott Edmonds, OD

Subspecialty: Contact Lens, Low Vision


Indiana University of Pennsylvania – 1976

Pennsylvania College of Optometry – 1980

Externship in Ophthalmology – Steven M. Greenberg, M.D.

Externship in Primary Care Optometry – Philadelphia Navy Regional Medical CenterExternship in Low Vision – Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center


Low Vision Training Program – New York Lighthouse

Post Graduate Education in Contact Lenses – Rynco Scientific

Post Graduate Education in Low Vision – New York Lighthouse

Current Ocular Therapy Optometric Therapeutics – Pennsylvania College of Optometry       Cornea Refractive Therapy – Paragon Ophthalmic

Glaucoma Management – Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Honors and Awards

License to practice optometry –

Pennsylvania OE-5633-P 1980-

California OPT 14309 2011-

Fellowship – American Academy of Optometry 1983-

Preceptor of the Year – Pennsylvania College of Optometry 1983

Optometrist of the Year – Philadelphia County Optometric Society 1985

Therapeutic Management of Ocular Disease Board – 1998

License to use Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents-Pennsylvania OE-5633-T 1999-

Certification – Cornea Refractive Therapy 2002-

License to Treat and Manage Glaucoma Pennsylvania –OEG-000492 2003-

Optometrist of the Year – Chester / Delaware Optometric Society 2008

Optometrist of the Year – Pennsylvania 2008

APEX Award for Publication Excellence – Social Media-Blog Content 2015

Jerry P. Davidoff  Memorial Award – Leadership ServicePennsylvania Optometric Association 2016

Language Spoken



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