Anti-VEGF Injections Study

New Research on Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Tied to Common Eye injection Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration


Hi I’m Carl Regillo the Director of the retina service of Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

There was an important article that was just published from the Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmology. A group out of the Mayo Clinic reported that we don't need to worry much about the use of our Anti-VEGF injections in the eye. We use Anti-VEGF medicines frequently to treat important vision threatening retinal conditions. We’ve doing injections of these medicines now for about a dozen years. From the very beginning it was some concern that when drug spills out into the system after an injection it could pose a risk for stroke or heart attack. We never really know for sure all these years but a recent study from the Mayo Clinic did reassure us and told us that there was no increase risk of stroke or heart attack when we do these intravitreal injections on a frequent and regular basis. So both the retina specialist in our patients can now feel rest assured that this really isn’t a  problem or a side effect of these medicines. Thank you.