Eyelid Sebaceous Carcinoma

Eyelid sebaceous carcinoma is usually detected as a painless eyelid lump in elderly patients, often occurring in the upper eyelid of women moreso than men. It can appear as a solitary nodule or diffuse thickening of the eyelid. In some cases there is loss of eyelashes. The surface of the eye can turn red from this cancer and might even get painful. This is a serious cancer because it grows invisibly around the eye and often is quite advanced when the patient sees a problem. This cancer can metastasize to lymph nodes and distant organs. Management of eyelid sebaceous carcinoma involves extensive delicate surgery to remove the entire cancer and then reconstruction of the eyelid so that it blinks well and protects the eye. This often takes several surgeries to accomplish. 


Eyelid Sebaceous Carcinoma Photos (4)