Center for Academic Global Ophthalmology


Today, the global complexities of modern medicine require not only knowledge and skill but also collaboration across physical, cultural, and national boundaries.

The Wills Eye Center for Academic Global Ophthalmology (CAGO) is dedicated to leadership in ophthalmology by bridging the gaps in education, research, and clinical care that exist across the globe in an effort to prevent blindness worldwide.

CAGO leverages our extensive resources to elevate the practice and expand the reach of ophthalmology worldwide through:

  • Training & Education: International Scholars and Fellowships, e-Learning, Live Webinars of Wills’ Conferences and Teaching Rounds, Paton Visiting Professor Series in AGO, Wills International Resident Experience, and an expanding array of educational offerings
  • Partnerships & Advocacy Networks: Domestic and International NGOs, Industry, Foreign Institutes and Ministries of Health, Ophthalmology Membership Organizations
  • Research: From Assistance with Blindness Surveys to Clinical and Interventional Trials
  • Clinical Care: e-Consultations, Faculty Visits to Partner Sites, Wills on Wheels

Wills International Resident Experience (WIRE)

What Is Academic Global Ophthalmology

International Scholars